We are based out of New Braunfels, Texas and love being a part of the small business community here. My name is Tiffany and my husband’s name is Ennio.

We are a young couple that is passionate about pets! We currently have three calico cats, Oz, Harvey and Jack, and two inside dogs, Seven and Remi and four egg laying hens!

I started caring for pets in my neighborhood when I was just a young child – I’ve always loved animals! – and since then, I’ve continued to expand my reach. When I was in my last year of college at Texas State in San Marcos, I started taking caring for pets more seriously. I put up fliers in my neighborhood and took every opportunity with a client as a chance to share the love I have for people and their pets! That was just before the Summer of 2009, and we’ve been growing ever since! We have approximately 50 clients (households) in New Braunfels, Seguin, McQueeney, Canyon Lake, San Marcos, Buda, and Austin! As the business continued to grow, my husband continued to help out more and more. He loves to care for the big dogs and is an extra pair of hands for households with multiple animals, or group walks in communities and subdivision.

We feel continuously blessed to be able to work with people on a one-on-one basis, and feel even more grateful to fill the needs of dogs, cats, birds, snakes, and homes everywhere!
Thank you for your business and best wishes,

The rates listed are subject to change depending on mileage and travel time.

Dog Walks (Personal) – A one-on-one walk with me and your pet(s). In your neighborhood or playtime in a large backyard. $15 / 30 minute walk. $25/ 1 hour walk. Rates discounted for multiple walks/week. Call or email for details.

Day and Night visits – If you’re going out of town and want to leave your pets at home, this is perfect for you. We’ll gladly come by to give potty breaks, and have feeding and playtime. Charges are based on number of visits/day.
$15 for 1 visit/day (usually arrival or departure days)
$25 for 2 visits/day (usually AM and PM)
$32 for 3 visits/day (usually AM, afternoon, and PM)
$40 for 4 visits/day (usually spaced about 5 hours a part – with the exception of the time lapse overnight)

Yard pick-up – Need to clean up after the pets in the yard? We’ll pick up after your dogs using rubber gloves and dispose of in plastic bags. $20 for midsize yard, $15 if scheduled bi-weekly, and $10 if added on to an additional service provided.

House-sitting – Perfect if you’re going out of town and want someone to stay at your home with your pet or just to make the home look occupied. $35/night

Personalized Boarding – If you want your pets to stay the night with us while you’re our of town, this is the best option for you. All day care with us in our home. Pets must get along (or at least tolerate) other pets. Limit 3 guest-pets schedule for our home at a time.

Yard, Plant, and Garden Watering – Don’t want to leave your beautiful plants or your garden to wilt in the Texas heat? $15 / 30 minutes of watering. $25 / 1 hour of watering. Call or email for more details.

Pet Taxi – Need to get your pet to the groomer or vet but the cat carrier doesn’t fit in your car? Need to get your dog to the vet for a morning teeth cleaning, but the only available appointments are when you’re at work? We’ll gladly transport your pet to their appointments, and either drop them off or stay with them and bring them back to your home, depending on the arrangements you’ve made with the clinic or groomer. Starting at $15/trip. Rates dependent on mileage and specifics.

For quickest reply, call or text(text is preffered) tiffany at: 830-534-4495


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